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Steel pipe production

Imported assembly line, small error, high output

At present, it has three complete steel pipe production lines: one punching machine and six cold-rolling production lines, one hot rolling production line; two rolling mills, which are domestic large three-roll rolling mills, which adopt core rod pre-wearing.And limited-motion small loop, three-level computer-controlled automation system

Hot dip galvanizing

Metal anti-corrosion, environmental protection

There are three existing galvanizing production lines. The dimensions of the zinc pot are: 13 meters long, 2 meters wide and 3 meters deep; 10.5 meters long, 2 meters wide and 3 meters deep; 9 meters long, 2 meters wide and 2.8 meters deep. It can meet the needs of different customers and has an annual production capacity of 360,000 tons.

Button-type scaffolding

Fully automatic cutting and welding

Production, processing, sales and leasing of products such as disc buckles, coiled crossbars and hot-dip galvanized diagonal rods. It can provide professional formwork scaffolding and construction contracting services for civil engineering, energy chemical industry, ship aviation industry, large-scale sports events at home and abroad.

product center

Continuously improve product quality

company profile

Tangshan yining mould frame co., LTD

Tangshan Yining Mould Co., Ltd. is located in the central area of the Bohai Economic Circle, one of the regions with rapid economic development in China. It is adjacent to the golden area of Jingtang Port Area and only 40 meters away from Caofeidian Industrial Park in Hebei Province. Kilometers, 150 kilometers from Tianjin, 230 kilometers from Beijing, 70 kilometers from Tangshan and 80 kilometers from Qinhuangdao. The surrounding traffic is developed, the Tanggang Railway runs through the whole area, arrives in the Jingtang Port Area in the south, connects the Jingqin and Jingshan lines in the north; the regional highway connects with the Tanggang Expressway and the coastal high-speed; the Bohai Sea Highway starts from Qinhuangdao City, West Dazhou The city has a convenient traffic network and abundant transportation resources. Yining is mainly engaged in the production, processing, sales and leasing of disc buckles, coiled crossbars, hot-dip galvanized diagonal rods, hot-dip galvanized hollow screws, scaffolding accessories, pedals, ladders, etc. Wait...

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